Seeking, Searching, Unearthing, Creating.

There is a power in the art of noticing. To allow the mind to be uninhabited to observe from a distance with no bias or accusation. To sit in silence and be comfortable in noticing the  complex networks of society and nature unfold before your very eyes. To allow the facts to accumulate, to sense a situation for all its parts as you become more aware of the bigger picture. It takes patience, but it is a beautiful thing to make these kinds of small realizations.

And here is where I wish to leave them out in the open. To allow these thoughts to wonder in a more physical form  to be able to draw back on them in times of creative need.

Human Development in the Arts taught me that there is great validity in the archeology of performance. You don’t start from absolutely nothing and then create your painting, play or choreography from a baseline of zero. That creative project has always been lying there, right underneath the surface, waiting for you to chisel away at the dirt and excess grime to uncover your own creative work. What is this shaped by? The means in which you go about beginning to uncover answers by solving problems in a variety of ways and approaches. The choice is yours and up to you to discover!

For the road to creativity has no right answer.