The Agenda-about this blog

Hello to all you readers out there!

This is my first blog and I hope to inspire and offer insights as to what it takes to be a dancer including the not so glorious accounts of how I got to be where I am, but also to provide potential ideas to play with in the studio.

I feel one of the most powerful ways of knowing is by participating in whatever you hope to become a skilled at.I personally am a mixture of both introverted and extroverted have tendencies to take a back seat and watch before I involve myself in any form of action. Some say I think too much, but there is still validity in the power of thoughtful awareness. I hope that through my many observations and wondered concepts you might find some hope, some inspiration and support to chase after whatever it is that you wish to pursue.

So go for it!

Chase after whatever your heart desires xo

-Inspired dancer

Topics I would like to further explore:

  • Choreographic process
  • working with others
  • Imagery
  • seizing opportunities
  • learning to navigate identity as a dancer
  • Conditioning and the power of variety
  • Dance teachers
  • Dealing with Injuries
  • Inspiration found outside
  • fitting in relationships
  • helpful jobs

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