Dance Discoveries; creation

Over the past little while I’ve been trying really hard to get out of this funk I’m in and try to push myself to trying different dance classes and making more of a habit of going and getting involved in the dance community. I feel like so far this past week has been pretty successful in terms of that, especially since I seem to be going about my days in limbo without having the stress and ongoing stamina needed for school and the demands of obligations to do with extra jobs and homework.

This past week I managed to go to a few drop in classes including a full day workshop on Saturday as well as an audition on Sunday! Not bad for feeling out of it I would say.

Form Louis laberge-cote ‘s sessions I discovered a few choreography affirming statements and acquisitions about the creative process:

  • Creating involves the balance of maintaining the original inquisitions you started with on your exploration, with the flexibility to evolve and sometimes change that idea into something else. This is because these initial ideas sometimes only serve as a starting point, but without them, you would’ve gone on a different journey. The caution lies in your attachment to the beginnings and little ideas and it’s up to you to decide how important they are to you.


  • One question in the group was “ how do you go about the refinement process?” To which louis gave a few examples to go about beginning the cleaning process. Some of which are things like create a duet or some kinds of partner dance then remove the partner to create distinct and unique solos as if another person is there. Or develop movement right from the beginning of the process to initialize material that you both agree on by flocking, mimicking, copying and responding to another individual and their own way of moving in their bodies.


  •  fraying the edges and adding texture~ give images to inform energy and qualities you wish to portray ex. Bonnie Kim’s Fred flintstone feet = super grounded and rooted, making imprints in the sand and giving texture and power to movement.


  • Dancers shouldn’t know what role their dancing but should know what it feels like. They need to create the story for themselves. (wise words as I reflect on how much or how little to give the dancers to get an inside look into my brain as I’m creating from a personal and private place that I might feel awkward sharing).


  • When you get stuck or hit a wall of creative vacancy: Then its time to trick yourself into something else, keep the mind fresh and moving by changing tasks and not dwelling on any specific task that leaves you stumped. Here its super important to be true to your emotional state, and sometimes working through your most emotional and intense moments creates some of the most beautiful work. You can also improvise with someone then later take them out of the equation and try to remember what you did to unearth some new and less familiar movement into your own solos and phrases. Another good way to get out of the funk is to just ask someone to give you some tasks! Also a great way to mix it up and help inspire some new movement is by just messing around the studio in some different clothes! Mix it up and get out of your habits!


  • I had a great experience with this at the Ignite audition! Hanna kiel gave us a recipe of numbers, each corresponding to a certain number of body parts and the same corresponding number of directions with the body in space. A space to body equation sequence. Then once those tasks were filled ( kind of reminded me of a spectroscopy tape of numbering- of documenting what was being danced). Biology and Science in its relation to dance has always fascinated my creative mind and my dancing body. How to portray, how to shape how to give new context to old concepts excites me! Anyways then Hannah underlined certain numbers which indicated the pathway to get to those particular reaching shapes would take on an indirect pathway. Then she later came around and circled pairs of numbers indicating that those two movements would happen in close succession to one another- tending and giving more detail to the speed in which the phrase was performed. It was a lovely way of going about creating!


  • Another archaic thing that really struck me was when Louis was talking about creation methods:Maybe its not what you’re creating – it’s the methods you are using to get there that are slowing you down within your creative process. I guess its up to us to just openly and willingly try anything and everything until we find a way that works, but that’s just it…one of the best things about dance is that once you know something works-you use it until it no longer serves you, and then you keep searching to broaden your tool kit to create! There is evolution and growth in this art form that keeps me inspired and wanting more!

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