My take on choreography ~ ideas and statements as how I wish to continue

Like the changing tides, every reaction had an equal reaction. I want to be sucked into your orbit propelled through space, held there in a vacuum of nothingness reaching out amongst the matrix that makes up your very being.

Tides, cycles of the moon, influences over one another- relationships, a misty and opposite attraction…

I don’t want to be afraid of who I am, I want to know more about who I am and what I want to be

I don’t want to be afraid of my own sexuality,

I want to love.

I don’t want to view the changes of becoming a woman to be something to be ashamed of

I want to bleed.

I don’t want to feel caught or trapped in mundane and mediocre ways of just getting by

I want to live and dance in the rain!

to run with wolves, people may say…

I want to affect people, and take them along for the journey to enter my mind as a choreographer.

Questions and concepts to play with:

  • How to harness the power of the nervous system and how to actually experience things and be present.
  • How to activate the nervous system
  • How to calm the nervous system
  • How to use it to infuse and encourage a richer experience and deeper performance
  • How to establish meaningful relationships between people on stage, to see negative space as well as positive- in puzzle piecing two bodies together
  • How to remain simple and clear with choreographic ideas or intention while still having impact ** (to me this is especially hard… why am I always so extra? I need to find ways to pare it down to its essential essence)

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